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Our Services

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Sukhadia Stones extensive knowledge and network system with suppliers and and buyers enables us to present our customers with customised and specific gems to their demands . One rare occasions, when a customer requires a specific set, stone or parcel, the Sukhadia Stones team will connect with our trusty networks around the world to fulfil your specifications.

Our gemstones are sourced from different gem abundant locations like Myanmar, Vietnam, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Australia and even our home ground – Thailand. Sukhadia Stones is always looking for gem bearing locations where we can explore and delve into new mines for our customers. We ensure the quality, colour and origin of our stones by certifying them using a variety of lab operations to ensure accuracy and authenticity. This assuredly helps raise the value of our product and helps retain confidence in our buyers.



Sukhadia Stones has a skilled, systematic and efficient team behind the assortments of our gemstones. Known in the market for assortment quality, we assort goods from point sizes to single loose stones. Our staff is dedicated to providing our customers with the best assortment of stones varying in quality, colour, shape and size.

Quality control is crucial to us at Sukhadia Stones as it helps us help our customers needs. Our assortment team ensures that our customers requirements are met at all times by effectively and accurately sorting stones in sets, parcels and calibrated sizes to see that specifications are consistently met. Sukhadia Stones also is skilled in making layouts and sets to help designers and buyers retain uniform quality, colour and shapes.